We thank all the photographers:
Father Jerry
Mary Anne
Sister Teresa
 Remember the Beljo boys part of the triplets)?  They had been asking Mama Beljo if they could have a bedroom.  They had the perfect spot in the house all picked out!
  It did take more than a bit of duct tape but it is finally finished and in use!

 The solid door has become a window; a used refrigerator has been found; a sofa located!  Yeh! The boys are “special needs” young adults & now they are feeling really extra “special”.


 Father Bill is in Medjugorje!  One of our favorite priests; he hails  from Pennsylvania; Father celebrated a “Healing Mass”.  Here Father is pictured with our buddy, Ivan, and Ivan’s  daughter, Maya.
   English as well as other language Masses could be celebrated in the main church, the small chapel, the St. Pope John II “yellow hall” or the outside altar (shown).
   We can usually get good directions from our friend, full time American resident of Medjugorje, Joseph.

Father Bill and Ivan connect with Joseph.  Plans are made.


Three of our friends are spotted in Medjugorje; Ana Shawl, Siloo and Patty.


 A visit is made to Ivan and Marina’s home.
 We can imagine Marina going to the greenhouse and thinking “I hope our guests love zucchini and peppers” and maybe cucumbers.
   We are so happy that Marina ‘caught on’ to the benefits of perforated water garden hose to automatically water the plants and of ‘stringing the plants to take more advantage of the available room!
   And maybe the guests will remember and reconnect with Andreja!
We met Andreja (youngest child of Ivan and Marina) when he was 4 years old and now he is graduating from High School!
    ‘Other of our families in the  area are going through their own crises.  This family, Marko (the husband) & Vesna, have their problem of Marko having an inoperable brain tumor.  Vesna has sporadic employment and sometimes works as many as 12 hours a day.

 Bono, Anto, Aloysius and Andrew are the children; the three older are doing well in school.  The youngest was to enter Grade 1 this Fall but must repeat Kindergarten because of a severe bleeding disorder.  Rough play or falling may lead to internal bleeding.


   Medjugorje can be a busy place but sometimes there is a lot of room to wander.
Columbo’s restaurant and Victor’s restaurant seem to be the most popular for English speaking pilgrims; both have remodeled and enlarged.
   The Feast of Corpus Christi (June 3, 2018) procession through the streets always increases the pilgrim numbers.  What a beautiful religious experience for the locals and for the pilgrims.
   Don’t know where this lady is headed, maybe just across the lane.  It certainly brought back memories to Mary of her mother and of her childhood near this region.
Sometimes ‘standing room only!
   Lighted candles always give an indication of the number of pilgrims…..
     …as well as the number of pilgrims climbing the hills.
Our friend, Mary Anne and daughter, Sister Teresa are in Medjugorje.
   Sister spends some time with Ivan (one of the 6 visionaries).  Ivan speaks good English and is married to an American.
     Ivan (red shirt) talking to a group of pilgrims about the first days of the apparitions.
Could this be the full group?
    Good to see “doers” on the street showing their independence.
Pair of Blue Socks Clip Art    We hope to post a picture soon of one of our favorite street entrepreneurs.  This lady hand crochets socks and sweaters and then tries to sell same in Medjugorje.
  The Vatican recently announced  that Archbishop Henryk Hoser, now retired as the Archbishop of Warsaw in Poland, has been appointed Apostolic Visitor “for an undetermined time” to the Saint James parish of Medjugorje.
Most probably, the parish of St. James becomes a pontifical sanctuary and becomes a territorial prelature at the top of which will be Archbishop Hoser.  Local newspapers indicate that Hoser will “work on the expansion of the sacral (church) space, the construction of a permanent adoration chapel to the Blessed Sacrament, the establishment of permanent pastors and confessors for the nations most prominent in Medjugorje and the improvement of infrastructure (local roads, electricity supply …)”.

   July 22, 2018
This evening, Archbishop Hoser  will be the principle celebrant at the evening 7:00 pm Holy Mass in Medjugorje.  This day marks the real change over to Vatican supervision over Medjugorje!


   Every so often this industrious, independent minded Serbian family is seen to need some help.  The family includes four small children.  The family was introduced to us by the late Janet.
 Papa works the land; Mama is a nurse at a hospital in the next town but she really needs care; her blood pressure is a high 240 over 120!
   Grandmama is ailing and has been in a wheel chair ever since we met the family.

It is haying season now; three cows to feed and the barn is too small.
The dream is to improve the barn, to have a milking machine and to own a high producing milking cow. 



Their ‘dream is now a reality (or close to it); funds have been offered as a memorial to Janet.  Enough has been given so the family is able to buy the milking machine and start repairs on the barn.  Once a hay wagon is located more funds will be available; same with a high production milking cow!
The milking machine is brought home!
 Their ultimate goal is for ten milking cows.

Receipts will be available.

June 25th, 2018; the 37th anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s appearance in Medjugorje.  Here the people of the villages around Humac are walking to Medjugorje to honor Our Lady.
The procession includes carrying a statue of the Blessed Virgin.
The Confessionals on this side of St. James church must be overflowing so Priests set up chairs along the church walls to hear confessions. 
  The outside altar allows greater seating availability.
  Those of the priests who are early arrivals may get a seat at the altar else the front rows are ‘set aside for the’overflow.
   Priests process up to the altar to help distribute the Holy Eucharist.
 This is Mariano;  a talented fellow but limited in opportunities;  here his home requires a new pump and cistern.
With a little financial help for the materials Mariano is able to do most of the labor himself.


Rosie (Irish resident of Medjugorje ) and Mary Anne (American pilgrim) get together again for a friendly chat.
 Pilgrim friends at Victor’s restaurant.  
 Sister Teresa (daughter of Mary Anne) chats with our driver and friend, Ivan.
 Sister Teresa is heading for the hills!

  Sister Teresa chats with an old ‘buddy of ours; Victor.  Victor is a perpetual pilgrim to Medjugorje.

  A visit to the “BLUE CROSS” is a must for pilgrims.


  Father Mark, one of our favorite priests, has arrived in Medjugorje from Novo Scotia…
…along with a big group.


CHARLIES is a souvenir shop adjacent to the church; good guys; they offer a 10 PERCENT  discount to the religious buyer.

CHARLIES is closed on Sundays and Holy Days!

JANJA AND TERESA  (one of our neediest families).
  Memories!  Zenofy and Sandra  family and friends are back in Medjugorje; wish we were there.
Everybody is celebrating!
Can’t get enough pictures!  Father Jerry was asking..”does anyone know Mary and Bob”?

Hands are raised!

Father Jerry is from Ottawa and is  serving as a hospital Chaplain.

In earlier years, Father Jerry met Father Kevin in one of his first trips to Medjugorje.
We could be drinking buddies!  We see there is room at the table.
 Wonderful, also, to view the improvement of Daryl, thank you  Blessed Mother for the miraculous healing!

Our newest family, our newest opportunity!  This is a ‘referral from Father Rajko.  The family consists of 6 girls, 1 boy,  mama and papa,
Papa is a hard worker, works for the village as a garbage collector, earning 450 KM monthly (that is $270).
The family has a 1971 VW (hope it is a van), a cow, a water cistern, an unfinished second  floor home and a teenage daughter with really bad teeth and a “split lip”.  Her mouth was worked on surgically in Bosnia which did not work out well.
We will find out the priorities of this family.