A very cold hard winter; this wood delivery is for two families in adjoining houses.

 Medjugorje is in its meditative state.


Darren is having an espresso at one of Medjugorje’s espresso shops.


 Matthew and Ivan exchange greetings in front of Our Blessed Mother.


Almost time for the cement mixer to be moved out at the Beljos’.


  The Beljo project is progressing; windows have been installed; the floor has been raised and concreted.



 The third (and final) promised payment has been delivered; the two special needs boys have been given a little bit extra and we hear that has gone for bedding.


 At Dijena’s the ground has been plowed, fertilized and seedling potatoes are being planted.


The weather has turned; the frozen ground has thawed out.  Here Andreja (son of Ivan & Marina) is operating the family cultivator.
 Luka (son of Ivan & Marina) has the job of planting the seedlings.
The plantings in Marina’s greenhouse are well above ground.  Beautiful.


 Baked goods bought here in Florida bring back wonderful memories of our being surprised (in Medjugorje) with a ring on our apartment doorbell and presented with platters of treats baked especially for us!
Jelka has  asked for help with the preparation of the field as well as the seedling potatoes, a few piglets ….


  Easter time at Ivan & Marina’s; the family has gathered.
Marina has to get a redo at the dentist. Marina has lost so  much weight that it has seriously affected chewing.  Be brave, Marina.


Maja, daughter of Marina & Ivan has finally gone ‘brace free!


The Velika Gorica Education and Training Center was established in 1939 and is one of the oldest schools in the Zagreb region for children and young people with intellectual disabilities.

The purpose of the Center is to educate children, young people and adults with intellectual disabilities for their more independent life and work while respecting their specific difficulties in functioning.

Maja’s “practical training” takes her to Velikor Gorica for two weeks of practical training. 


 A group discussion on painting techniques.




And then to a different site; Maja is putting the practical training into ‘doing.  It is a  one day seminar at the Bljell Brijeg Center in Mostar to help understand Down Syndrome persons.


  Loving interactions is the goal; personal relationships are established.
Cosmetic makeovers are available. 
 Can anyone believe this?
Time for dancing and fun! 
 “Cool” is my middle name.
Time for the “congo line”. 
 Suzanne & husband, Herb,(Wisconsin) visit relatives in Florida every winter.  We were happy to meet up with the two of them this year.  We first met Suzanne in Medjugorje and are very grateful for their support.  Suzanne is one of the ‘survivors of the bus accident while going to Medjugorje.
 A decision is made to meet at  Hurricane Charley’s Seafood Restaurant overlooking the Peace River in Punta Gorda; Lovely.
Mary Ann & daughter, Sister Teresa, have arrived in Medjugorje.  Ivan has been their friend for many years and all are delighted to reunite.
We are so pleased when ever we hear that Father Dennis is ‘coming to Florida and wants to have time with us!

We are blessed.


 Another one of our favorite priests, Father Bernie, is stationed in Florida.  We really do thank Father Bernie for leading us to Medjugorje.
Sad news.  Marina’s hands have become so painful that daily household tasks could no longer be performed; she finally agrees to be “checked out” at the Mostar Hospital.


  Marina gets an examination and it is decided that she will stay in the hospital for 8 days in order to obtain an MRI exam on the 7th day. Stay and have it done shortly or schedule an exam on a 6 month wait!  Food, bed linens, pajamas, towels, even toilet paper all has to be furnished by each family.

proj. 8m/2018


  Lucija (Father Slavko’s niece) is a physical therapist in Citluk and will see what she can do to help Marina; probably will take 10 sessions or more (Lucija corrected Mary’s “frozen shoulder” problem).


Marijano gets a home visit by our Ivan.


  Our good British friends, Zenofy and Sandra (and son Luka) are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary.
We get an email letter from our very newest family: 

“We have  three sons going to school in September and our youngest son, Andrew, moves into first grade. Buying books and sending the kids to school costs us a lot.
Last year you were very helpful and a lot of you have helped us to overcome
our difficulties.  Bono is in middle school, Anto and Aloysius are finished eighth grade and all three are excellent students. As for Marko (father) his condition is not changed; maybe a little worse or fails to deal with it. He should go to Zagreb to control with a neurosurgeon with fresh findings
MRI and see. We wish you a Happy Easter. let our
Risen Christ gives strength and health. We send heartfelt greetings to your husband Bob and you
from the grateful father Marko, mother Vesna, Bone, Anthony, Aloysius and Andrew.
Vesna Adžamić”


Dijena’s cow has given birth; a struggle what with an initial false pregnancy and then a delayed delivery. The family had to take turns “sleeping” in the barn these past two weeks; it was so important for the health of the animals and for the welfare of the family to “be there” in case help was needed.





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