Medjugorje in the evening;  Holy Mass at the outside rotunda.
and here in North Port, Florida we find that four adventuring ladies (Teresa, Marcella, Claire, Marie) are aiming for a Medjugorje pilgrimage; we relate some suggestions and point to the Medjugorjean family of Ivan, Marina and family.


Three of our pilgrims (Marcella, Marie, Ivan, Claire) are pictured in the Chapel area.
Marina invites Claire and Teresa into her home.
A family picture plus!  Pictured are Ivan & Marina with two of their daughters (Maja & Kata) along with Claire and Joseph. 
  Joseph, Kata,  Claire and Teresa tour the pigs, goats and chickens.
Can’t have too many memories. 
Sandy, Allison, Teresa, a visiting pilgrim and Maggie are also on the move; crossing the ocean and aiming for the home of Janja, Teresa & Niki.
Fr. Maximillian is the Chaplain for the Oasis of Peace in Medjugorje; wish we were there.
 Kata will also “be on the move” shortly.  High School has been dealt with;  country wide University entrance exams have been taken.  As one of the “top ten scorers” in the exams Kata gets to go to one of the best Universities in the area (Zagreb) and will get special dorm rates!

proj. 14/2018


Kata’s goal will be “computer Informatics”.

proj. 14/2018

Wish me luck.

proj. 14/2018

Sisters Maja and Kata will find it really hard to go separate ways.
Gloria (Pennsylvania and Medjugorje) is also on the move.
…and even if it looks as though Joseph ( husband of Gloria) is not quite ready to leave this delightful looking banquet; looks delicious.
Gloria & Joe are in Medjugorje for the Annual Couples Retreat..
Joe & Gloria send us pics of some of their travels. Traveling on the road to Dubrovnik, stops are made at such interesting historical sites.  The road borders on the Adriatic Sea.
Another stop; another series of thoughts of centuries past.
Our Blessed Mother is always in the picture.
Back at Nancy and Patrick’s Castle.  Beautiful.


Back in the home town it is unusual for Medjugorje to be blanketed with snow.  Looks peaceful but the town does not have snow removal; the people generally do not have snow shovels.


At Dijena’s a brooming will have to do. 


Ivan & Marina have a small herd of pigs; some domestic pigs have stopped making melanin, resulting in a “default” pink color.

proj. 8/2018


We are asked whether we could help with school lunches for two girls, Nada and Mercida.  We hear about the families situation;  each girl could use $1.40 (2.50 KM) for a school day.  Funds are found and delivered.  Later Nada sends us a nice thank you.

proj. 18/2018


The school counselor, Sandra, pic is included with Mercida’s pic.

proj. 18/2018


Later the school counselor writes to us:  “In this school year we have a boy in the first grade who lives in a very difficult situation, both financially and socially. His name is Marko Maric. He lives with his mother, younger brother, grandfather and half brother. His father passed away and six of them live under one roof with monthly amount of 300 KM ($200) which is his late father’s pension. I sow him stealing sandwiches from other children and realized he is hungry on a daily basis. Occasuanally some of us, school employees, give him 1 KM to buy sandwich. My question is: Would you consider it appropriate if we reduce daily amount for girls on 2 KM a day each and give Marko 1 KM?
Of course, there are more children at school in difficult situation but I recognised Marko as hardest case since so young and wIthout supportive surrounding. His mother would provide him better if not disabled herself.”

 proj. 18/2018


 Additional funding is found so that the girls do not get cut back.
Wonderful that we get copies of paid lunch invoices each month!
proj. 18/2018

Previously almost “barn-like” and now insulated, plastered & painted. Dijena’s house looks very, very nice.  Thank you to those who contributed to this project.

proj. 1R/2018



Windows were replaced, a balcony added, along with a cement patio brought the cost a bit over the original estimate.

proj. 1R/2018

 Remember that herd of pink pigs; that herd has gotten smaller;  the widow Beljo arrives to pick up a split pig.

proj. 4/2018

 The widow Dragica receives her split pig.

proj. 5/2018

Friends Joe, Gloria, Sandra and Alexandra enjoy lunch in Medjugorje. 
Not very often that Sister Muriel and Mary Walsh may be seen “eating out”.  Did you know that the Catholic Church distinguishes between the two (nuns vs sisters). Nuns typically reside and do their work and ministry within a monastery while sisters live under an order or congregation of sisters and tend to do their ministry out in the world.  In the 1960s, the Second Vatican Council, intended to address the church’s relationship in the modern world, set off a series of reforms in the Catholic Church, including encouraging sisters to go into the world and help the needy.
Sister Muriel listened & acted.  When Sister first arrived (1990s’) in Bosnia Herzegovina she found a job ‘waiting tables at a restaurant in Mostar!

A new project! The widow Beljo is asking that an unfinished room in their home be made livable for the two younger special needs boys; they need their own bedroom.
proj. 4R/2018

The floor will need to be raised and finished off.
proj. 4R/2018

The exterior of the room will also need to be examined and corrected.

proj. 4R/2018

  Estimates and bids are received; the project approved.  Payment will be made at the completion of three different stages.  Widow Beljo receives the first third.

proj. 4R/2018


The Beljo family will be physically helping with this project.  Concrete is mixed on site. The new floor is smoothed out.

proj. 4R/2018