2016 MARCH


tom lameyOur buddy, Tom Lamey (brother of Father Dennis) has returned from Medjugorje where he attended the “Pilgrim group Leader Conference”.
Tom and Joseph have gotten together for some wonderful adventures!
Tom has sent us some great pictures and we share them with you.
An afternoon at Columbos’;
Ivan & Marina and kids; Andreja and Kata are all invited by Joseph and Tom.
2013_1224JIM_LAMB0160This morning Joseph is asked if he would have room for two volunteers to travel ‘along next time he goes out to visit the poor people.
“Yes, we start at noon”.
The meet is to be at the Oasis of Peace.
The “volunteers” are two of the nuns from the Oasis of Peace; first stop will be at the Robot Grocery store; that’s always a fun experience.
Sima (Joseph’s translator) explains the routine.
20160305_142734This ‘out-reach is part of the “Year of Mercy” program at the Oasis of Peace.
Sister Clare Marie (France) and Sister Marie (Switzerland) are all set for the adventure!
Second stop turns out to be the Romani camp at Stolac.
Fadilija and Sister are old friends already!20160305_142648
20160305_142637Love is spreading through out the camp!
The floodgates are opened!IMG_0974
20160305_142731Joseph has made arrangements with the Robot store to have most of the purchased food delivered right to the camp.
20160305_142601Everyone helps to unload.
The newest member in the camp, Robert, is brought out to be admired.20160305_142754
20160305_142908Robert looks so very squeezable!
Amela is growning!20160305_143231

Fadilija wants Sister to meet her husband; Kemo.
Malena showes us how Dean has grown.
Joseph with Gabrijela and SabohidenJoseph with Gabrijela and Sabohiden
Sister chats with Gabrijela.Gabrijela
AmelaAmela waits her turn.

Time to say good bye.
Hvala Bogu.
Joseph makes arrangements for the next visits.

IMG_0944We hear that Safet and Pasionka’s youngest child needs cancer treatment in Mostar.
Later we find this is not the case; everyone is relieved.
Funds are needed to license the car.
Mirosad is one of the two families returning from other parts of Europe.IMG_0927
IMG_0943Pasionka is doing the clothes washing; she is a quiet lady.
Our family of six do find it a bit cramped/IMG_0990
IMG_0988Sister would like to visit the house; a good visit.
Allison has delivered the letter we sent to the kids and the kids have sent us their best drawings back with Allison for we two and Joseph.
This one is from Gabrijela.
egg haulEggs! Marina’s eggs! We loved them! They were so very tasty.
Marina writes us a note that she sees the help that is poured out for many including her family.
That family wants to help also so they have been putting aside the eggs. Now their wish is to give these to the poor and hungry!
Funds have been forwarded to Ivan and Marina to buy specific foods for specific families; the pictures will tell the story.20160309_105357
20160309_121323Delivery time. The Romani families who lived in Domanovici have been told they can no longer live there on the old mental hospital grounds.
A European country has made a donation for homes to be built. That has been done.
Ivan and Marina have the directions; just take that dirt road as far as you can; it’s right there.20160309_120314
20160309_120305Half way there! 7 more miles to go!
20160309_114037-1There they are! The homes look fresh and clean and livable!
Who wouldn’t be happy here?

Smoked lamb halves have been brought; ‘life can be beautiful!
It takes a little more coaxing.
20160309_115036Looks like no more school for these school loving kids!
14 miles to school is too far to walk; too expensive to drive; the kids would have split times to attend school and may not be accepted anyway.
They do give thanks for having the ‘roof over their heads.
Promises of a water line has vaporized; a cistern was provided; that requires rainfall and the flushing out of a full cistern 3 or 4 times before daring to drink the water. WHO KNEW? Everyone was sick for a while.
No one has funds to pay for electricity.

IMG_0912Marijano brings his bride home.
Joseph is helping furnish the home.IMG_0911

Smoked lamb halves are to be delivered to the two recently arrived families who missed out when those were delivered to the other families in residence.
Fruit and potatoes and onions and greens are brought for everyone!
The two male recipients are waving their lamb gift.
20160309_124232The two lamb halves are raised joyously!
Zorica holds up Robert so that all can admire!
Pasionka and two of the 4 children:
all of the family are still so shy.
Ivan and Marina are preparing the potatoes so as to sprout, to be sectioned and then to be planted.
20160316_162033Sister Irene from the Oasis of Peace looks over some meat and veggies that Ivan has brought to them.
FR. MAXIMILLIAN is the priest at the Oasis of Peace; he helps in presiding at the English Medjugorje Mass when needed.2016-03-15_FR. MAXIMILLIAN
Ivan has constructed housing for the new goats; both of the purchased goats were already pregnant and now have come through!
That means that 4 baby goats are now in the mix!
20160319_103157Two of the baby goats explore the ins and outs of their new pad.
Mama goat shows the kids the reason the roof was put on!20160320_085349
20160320_085356It will be fun to prance arund and wake everyone up!
Time will tell whether the fence is tall enough.20160320_092242
20160320_095824All of us are born to investigate.
It is good to see that Marina has taken to laying down of plastic sheeting to hold down the weeds.20160320_150958
20160320_153812Meanwhile one of the baby goats has already figured out that it might be good to the last drop.
That last drop can taste so much better than all the rest.20160320_153851
20160320_163202The new home is so enjoyable!
Suzanne, Bob, Mary and Katie get together at a fish restarant in Punta Gorda, Florida.
Suzanne and Katie are sisters; Suzanne is from Wisconsin; we met Suzanne almost 10 years ago in Medjugorje!
Suzanne Mary Bob Katie
IMG_0844We love to call this family “Joseph’s family”; Joseph has been interacting with this needy family before we knew Medjugorje.
The youngest is named Joseph to honor our Joseph.
Mama has finally landed a job (thanks to their local parish priest) cleaning the local offices of the police.
Sadly mama has been working for months and months without getting paid.
This is such a good picture of Joseph; we need to include it.
Always working!
FR. BILL MAGUIRE is a Passionist priest out of the New England area. Father has received approval to go to and spend some months in Medjugorje. We hope that he will be helping Father Leon especially when it comes to hearing the confessions of the English PilgrimsFR. BILL MAGUIRE 2016-03-27_12-00-43


A sensory room is a special room designed to develop people’s sense, usually through special lighting, music, and objects. It can be used as a therapy for children with limited communication skills.


Sensory rooms began as comforting and/or stimulating spaces for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities but, happily, are becoming increasingly popular for other patients needing a gentle, calming environment. And now that seclusion rooms are, fortunately, being phased out of most wards, sensory rooms are a much more humane and soothing alternative.

Some are called de-escalation rooms, or the more mainstream chill-out or quiet room. Other nice terms include Zen room, Chillville, serenity room and comfort room, all of which reinforce the benefits of this calming space. Furniture and design features which support a tailored, healing sensory experience include beanbag or rocking chairs, gentle and natural lighting with perhaps mesmerising fibre-optic features, lava lamps, multi-media centre which can be controlled by the patient or staff, comfy blankets.

All very lovely. Unlike seclusion rooms.

Ivan welcomes a visit from pilgrim friend, John, and his son, Blaise. We think this is the first Medjugorje visit for Blaise.BLAISE IVAN JOHN
friend and LindaOur Canadian friend and Linda
Remembering Linda (on the right); Linda has passed on.
Joseph, Gloria and Sandra at church finding seats in the front pew!Joseph Gloria at church pc 480
Sister Muriel and Mary Walsh with a pilgrim during a rare lunch out with Sister and Mary.Sister Muriel Mary walsh
the herdIvan’s goat herd has already doubled!
Tin, Joseph and Zenofy get together for a chat about the Sv. Toma apartment building.Tin Zenofy
Dijena is demonstrating the art of preparing something like cheese blinzes to Allison.ALLISON DIJENA
SANDY ALLISON DIJENASandy gets in on the action with Allison and Dijena.
Blazenko can be so very very active but so helpful to mother, Dijena.
One year of schooling – done!
Bernard EllisBernard Ellis has passed on; Bernard was a devotee of Medjugorje early on and helped where ever he could with caravans of supplies during the recent war.
Living in Britain he developed living units in Medjugorje for pilgrims from there and from Italy and from the USA. Bernard had many friends among the pilgrims as well as the Medjugorje locals.
We noted on Marys TV web site that Christine and Josip are having their wedding at St. James Church!the wedding
Christine and Joseph weddingChristine is the producer of one of our favorite DVDs, MY SWEET ANGELS. Josip is the son of Rose and Franjo and has been working as the camera man for MARYS TV web site.
St. James church was packed.the ceremony
On July 3, 2016 there is a new rumor circulating around Medjugorje. The newspaper, Vatican Insider, reports that the Vatican will be sending a representative to Medjugorje to assume control. Looks as though Medjugorje might be designated as a shrine.