2015 January


 December 28, 2014:Ivan (the visionary) has a, more or less, private apparition each day.  When here in Medjugorje Ivan’s apparition is either in his chapel or on Apparition Hill.

Today,  Ivan related to those in the crowd the message from Our Blessed Mother including a quote from her to “thank Father Kevin for his work here in Medjugorje”!


  That time of the year when the Franciscan priests visit each home in the village and bless each home.We have the Holy Water, the Crucifix, the sprig of Rosemary all ready! 
Jan. 5, 2015:It’s Monday and Bosnia has announced that it is the time of sign up for verifying the ID’s of the locals and for applying for this year’s Medical Cards.

We have funds to help the needy ones (thank you, Help for the Hungry and Homeless).

 One of our favorite families!
1/08Bob has a dental problem.  The local dentist is contacted.  Come right away; I can help!

And it happens!

 1/09: Boxes of supplies are put together for the poor families and individuals outside of Medjugorje.
Food is needed;  day after day after day! day

 Joseph puts out the spuds!
The table is to be filled. 
Mary gets to check out the school papers (and the marks)! 
 Joseph greets Niki at the next stop.
Teresa is happy to see us. 
 Father ?? handles the finances in the office.
Joseph looks for Jesus in each person. 
Ten years have passed since we (Mary and Bob) moved to Medjugorje