2012 July

July 2012: We bus to Holy Family House in Mostar. Sister Krunoslava and staff have invited us for an afternoon of food, music and joy. Musical instruments (triangles, bongos, clappers etc.) have already been delivered for the residents to practice on.


Other musical talents at St. James church have been cornered and they have agreed to join with their instruments. Here Father Pablo and Sister Krunoslava mingle with the first arrivals.
Arrangements had been made and funds provided so that there is to be a sumptuous feast for residents, staff and we, the guests (we could have called it ‘lunch’).Barry and Steven (Stjepo) talk music.
Everyone joins in the blessing before meals.
As Bob, Mary and Sister look over the table, some are already enjoying the food.
Holy Family Center and Nazareth House in Mostar services a number of the the physically and / physically-mentally handicapped. Holy Family has about 30 full time patients (mostly bedridden). During 10 months of the year they also service on a day care basis about 90 children (Holy Family furnishes the meals).
The Holy Family and Nazareth Center is under the Caritas charity which is headed locally by the Bishop of Mostar; however funding is not always available to cover the extra needs of the Center.


In talking with Sr. Krunoslava, director of Holy Family, a center for the handicapped. Sister is in great need of many things, but I have picked an item that they can not mostly buy here and that the handicapped/bed ridden need on a regular basis.


If possible, could the pilgrims bring Dulcolax tablets, Laxative Suppositories and especially Fleet Enemas which is not sold locally. Sister has 110 handicapped and about 30 of those are 24/7 in house patients.
OK, lunch is over. Now we are off to visit with residents who are bed bound in their rooms.
Suzanne from the New York City area interacts with the patients so beautifully. Don Ante and Sister Krunoslava are the Directors of the Center and are asking for help to hire a ‘speech therapist’ to work with both the day care and the permanent residents at the Center. You can imagine what a blessing this would be for some of those needy patients to help them get their thoughts out in a vocal manner.
We can email you the grant request and would be glad to work with anyone who could assist in this wonderful program.
We admire this really hi-tech instrument. Janet Leff and the pilgrimspeace@mindspring.com(Mike & Sandy Tobin) raised the thousands of dollars necessary to recently purchase this unit.

There are twins in this room, unable to see; unable to have a normal childhood. But here they are given love and respect.

The electronic device will enable the nurse to vacuum out the sputum which builds up in the throats of the kids and sends them into life threatening fits of coughing.Father gives a blessing to the twins.
This request for assistance from Holy Family is “out of our league financially”; we did help them recently with a donation for hospital beds for their clients; that has been completed.
Outdoors, thank goodness, Steve and Ivan team up to do the local throat warbling. I waited but no sheep came.
Mostar has a new Mall with movies and a bowling alley and pool tables and even a McDonalds!The fee is paid and the teams try out their skills (first time for many).
I have to admit that Joseph is one of the best!