2011 September

September 2011:

Not very much action at the Risen Christ; a wonderful time for a dog nap (6 of them)!

But lots of action at the Ryan unit celebrating Bob’s birthday! Iva has made a cake with hazel nuts, cherries, graham cracker bottom and really light whipped cream!

We shared stories for hours! Fun times.

Wow! Friends (John and Catharine Murphy) in the building have given us a Holy Mass for our intentions. What a wonderful gift!
Sept 8: Dragica (6 daughters) calls; Mile has returned from the Mostar Hospital having received chemotherapy; he has two more scheduled. The car is beautiful; Mile (and all of the family) is so appreciative that Romain and Annie and Ivan have given such a gift!
Sept 8: Lunch at the Most Restaurant with fellow apartment owners here and friends.

Sept 9: Janet is back from the States; yeh!


Sept 9: Norma and Mary from Canada: we knew Norma from 2 or 3 years ago when Mary Young Lai found a lost ear ring of Mary Ryan’s and returned it via Norma, Thank you Norma.

Jelka and daughter Danjela arrive in Medjugorje with 3 heavy bags of fruit, veggies and eggs (grapes, egg plant, beans, figs, tomatoes.

We share with the neighbors.

Sept. 12: Joseph tells us at the morning Mass that he has been worrying about the 2 sisters; whether they have water. We wonder whether the chicken place has a good ‘gotovo jelo” (‘meal special’) that the ladies would like. And yes they do!

Sept. 15: We head off to Mostar to the Holy Family facility to touch base with Sister Krunaslava. Sister models one of the customized hats that they will wear on Sept. 22, the 10th anniversary celebration of the facility! Looking good!

We stop for a ‘gotovo jelo’ quick meal at the ‘go cart’ restaurant in Mostar.

Sept 16: Father Kevin has gone for ” a couple of months” back to the States for the annual reunion with fellow NYC priests and for maybe a retreat.

If you look real close, you will see that it is Mary doing the announcements (and the scheduling and the shepherding of God’s shepherds).

Joseph, Robert, Bob, Ted and Father Rajko chat over cheese, wine, & prosciutto at Father’s in Stolac; Mary is the photographer; Sister Slava is doing the cooking.

Oh, oh. That means the women are working and the guys are sitting around eating and drinking. What a life!

We pause to see Janja, Teresa and Nikolaj. They have company. Seven year old (size 37 shoes) grandson of Saki who is always there when this family needs him. Teresa asks whether we can get an inflatable boat for him. Teresa reminds us that they will need firewood.

Robert, Bob, Joseph, Nikolaj and Teresa; Ted is taking the picture. Robert insisted on paying the bill when we stopped at the grocery store to bring veggies and stuff to the family.

And we make a stop at ‘Joseph’s family’; he has looked after them since they were living in the ‘cellar’ part and has helped to semi complete the house and to bring in electricity and help with the water (cistern) etc. etc. The father is a good worker and tries very hard as he is able to. Eight children and one ‘in the oven’.

Robert and Ted interact so beautifully with the local families.

And more interaction at a stop at Gordon’s; another large and beautiful family. The kids are home alone. Both parents are out looking for day work.

Fr. Holmes and Fr. Sithold both from S. Africa.

Andreja at the parish office; very helpful (helps Mary to get the Croatian weekly calendar of the happenings); Mary can translate and email the info off to Father Kevin and to other English speakers in this area.

We meet up with Lou from Denver

and Cindy, who lives in Germany, join us for a snack.

along with Father Paul Kenney, S.J. (Massachusetts) and Mary at “Victor’s” for lunch.

Cindy, Lou, Sister Muriel and Father Kenney get together on the streets of Medjugorje.

Sept 18: Father Holmes, Megan and Zaid sitting on the bench enjoying the sun. Megan and Zaid have the website ‘IHS312’ and offer group tours.


Meet Patrick of Patrick & Jane; The couple has been ‘pilgrimming’ to Medjugorje for many years.

You know how special it feels when we do a 3 day extra Rosary or a 9 day extra Rosary?

Patrick & Jane come for a week or so and he does a Novena of 9 trips up and down Mt. Krizevac!!!

Sept. 19:Fr. Kenny and group join us for lunch at our place.
First time to Medjugorje – today a tourist but tomorrow a Pilgrim!

Sept 22: The BIG day, the 10th Anniversary of the Holy Family Center in Mostar. Our invitations in-hand we (Joseph, Bob & Mary) meet up with Sister Krunoslava (Center Manager) and Father Ante (Director). It’s an international gathering, Austrian, Italian, American etc.

The play rooms are bright and cheery and ready for use.

We each go home with a ‘goodie bag’; we get a ‘Caritas Mostar (of Europe) scarf, wine and a ‘memento’ album. And did I mention the huge home baked cookie? Caritas in Europe is similar to the Red Cross in the States.

Members of Caritas North America include: Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA), Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP).

Sept. 24: Patrick & Jane, Cynthia, Mary, Norma and Mary R. compare notes outside the church. No one wanted to start comparing trips up the mountains (Patrick might have).

Sept. 26: Robert & Elizabeth, Mary, Debbie, Norma and Paul (all Canadians, eh!).

Sept. 28: one of the most wonderful ‘happenings’ living in Medjugorje is the meeting of such great people. Our Blessed Mother must ‘filter’ those who come on pilgrimages to Medjugorje; we seem to meet the ‘cream of the crop’!

What a blessing for us.

Fr. Graham’s group is from Ontario, CND.

Sept. 30: Jelka and her daughter, Danjela, have brought a boot (trunk) load of veggies to us.

Mary, Darek, Aniela & James. Regulars in Medjugorje; we are always glad to see the three.

We thought this was so cute; an imprinted Rosary with the legend – “Your Mother has not heard from you in Decades”.

Debby, Dawn and Denise are here for a bit; we all want to get Dawn back to singing in the Music Box!