2011 November

November 2, 2011:Carl hails from the Atlantic City, NJ area. He certainly did amaze everyone with bringing our piano / organ to life! A wonderful experience for us!
Daniel has been such a help in doing a thankless job in ‘manning’ the church doors during the English Mass so that there will be fewer interruptions!
Nov. 2: Amazing assembly of pilgrims here in Medjugorje!This is today’s Italian Mass.
Nov. 2: All Soul’s Day. We make a visit to Father Slavko’s grave site and say a few prayers.
And a visit (and prayers) at the grave site of the Vasilj family.
Nov. 5: Father Antonio was the principal celebrant today. The Holy Mass was dedicated to our Blessed Mother and Mary was the Reader for the special ‘Consecration to the Blessed Mother’!Thank you Father.

Father is originally from Brazil; one of Mary’s uncles was a missionary priest in Brazil and Mary spent some time there.

And this is the group of which Father Antonio was one of the three priests.
Father Von and part of the group he is with go over the schedule for his being the main Celebrant this coming Tuesday (the 8th).
Marie & Deacon Winton (parents of Father Von) must certainly be so very proud of their son!
Janet has been looking into a way of providing a water supply to the two sisters; perhaps the Social Services here may help?Results? Not encouraging. Water piped to the area would be 2500 KM! (about $1800.00), and then 14 KM a month, and then it would be extra to put a faucet on to the yard.
We must go down a different path.
RADIO MIR? The new building at the back of the church parking lot has been ‘unshrouded’ and more of it is coming into view. We hear it will be a high-tech broadcasting radio station with lots and lots of rooms for the different nationalities!We just hope that FM 94.3 channel will be more powerful so that the English translation comes over clearly.
The outdoor display screen is getting more and more usage. Here the screen is displaying the inside altar during the evening prayer program.
Nov. 6: Three of the local girls come to our apartment and sing a cute song for us; the words were composed by one of the students in 7th grade; a school concert is being planned.Thank you Kata, Martina and Maja.
In the forefront, Father Von and his father, Deacon Winton are on the altar together.How really wonderful!
Another Canadian group has arrived and Mary is sharing some of our experiences here around Medjugorje.

And a few more experiences. This is Fr. Jacobson’s wife, Carolyn, daughter-in-law Cindy, grand kids: Daniel & Rebecca and son Brad. Fr. Jacobson was a Lutheran priest with a family. Father converted to Catholicism and is accepted as a priest. The family converted also. Wonderful!

Maja, Martina and Kata join us for pizza at Columbos’.
Kata had responded to a 5 question quiz on her Birthday on Mir radio and had WON Dinner for TWO!
Kata presented us with the certificate so we thought it best to invite the three girls (they could be winners again)!
Maja is ‘spark plugging’ this group and others at the school to join with her in raising funds for kids education in the Congo!
They have placed some money donation receptacles at various spots around town!
Couldn’t resist posting this shot; this is AFTER the FREE meal!
Nov. 8: The celebration of the Holy Mass.
We did it!
Couldn’t resist this shot. Cory and we were just about the only ones in the Chapel. Mary asked for the pose.

Nov. 11, 2011: Oh, oh.

Bob’s sister has called from Kansas. Our older brother, Ed, has just died. He and his wife, Jeanie, live in Delaware.

We shall go for a bit to be with family.

This is Ed and our nephew, Chris.


Will write later.