2011 June

June 2011:

Janet phones to let us know that she has had a meeting with Mirjana at OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe). The Swiss Caritas Humanitarian Org. has confirmed that the ROMA (gypsy) project in Mostar will go ahead with a date in July to begin the construction of the 15 flats!

This was the first project that we were involved in, so it is good to see real action at last!

Our attention is called to ‘choir practice’ in the Rotunda. Beautiful!

June 22: Ivan’s (our friend and taxi driver) 50th birthday!

We are going to celebrate!


The wine is strategically placed in front of Bob but Bob shares!

The menu has changed! The meat and vegetables are served in a large circular pan; all is cut into serving pieces; we find out later it is kid goat meat! Delicious! This is going to be our favorite!

And, of course, we want to see the gardens, the chickens, the pigs, the olive trees .. we want to see everything!


We communicate with the chickens and we do thank them for the frequent production and delivery of the eggs for our breakfasts.

Well, we do like the idea of having bacon and / or ham with our breakfast eggs!

June 23: We spot the familiar circular sign of Medjugorje Mir pilgrimage sign. Could it be that Helen S. is back again? Well, it is the daughter flanked by two pilgrims so we are happy.

Three of our favorite people; Woof (the States), Joseph and Charles (the U.K.). talking ‘pilot’ talk.

We hope everyone has found a bed..

We hear estimates of the number of pilgrims from 45,000 to over 100,000! Let’s see; you count the number of legs and divide by two.

Confessional spaces around the church have filled up so many of the confessor priests have moved out to the lawns.

All night adoration so we are able to catch a glimpse of the new signage announcing the 30th anniversary.

Father McDermott (Military chaplain stationed in Germany) is back; we give him a big hello.

The rotunda is decorated for the happy occasion.

Our Blessed Mother is looking good.

A newly ordained priest! It is such a special blessing to get individual blessings from a newly ordained priest. Thank you Father.

Joseph, Charles (U.K.) and our resident friend, Joseph are coaxed to pose for a picture.

A second newly ordained priest gives his special blessing. Mary and I rush to get into the queue. Thank you Father.

Sunday June 26: up early in the morning for part of the all night Adoration then the 7:00am Croatian Mass. One of the priests was telling us about a happening at the next Mass (the 8:00). A woman was screaming during the entire Holy Mass and writhing. Father Petar advised the people around her to leave her alone and not to look at her; after Mass Father came and blessed her with Holy Water and she just went limp and sank to the floor while crossing herself as she began to pray!

Janet, Joseph, Mary & I are off to visit some families.

Our first stop is a Serbian family and the only family to return to their ancestral land in this area. Funds have been raised for a new roof for the house and we stop to see whether progress may have been made.

Nothing yet but the funds have not been touched; the roof will happen when the farming hours dwindle down. Great!

And then a stop at ‘Joseph’s family’; flour and fixings are dropped off. Clothes and shoes and medicine (Mama has leg pains) are left. The oldest son, Zvonomir, was confirmed on the 23rd of June so gifts are also left to celebrate that occasion.

Further on we enter Stolac heading for the home of Janja, Teresa and Niki. The outside of the house has been mortared and the cracks have been filled in (thank you Janet and John B from the States). The house looks great, so we almost didn’t recognize it!
We have to look at both ends!
This we found interesting. A number of bags inside the front door of soft coal! Big chunks; first time I had seen this item.
Teresa is not home and we miss her. Janja is feeling good and is getting more mobile; just a cane. Niki comes out backward on his butt and gives us great smiles and laughter.We have brought gifts from their U.K. friends.
We hurry off to Mostar to have a meet with Sister Krunoslava at the Holy Family Center. Our hospital bed project is progressing; Janet and Joseph have embarked on a “walk in cooler” project!We look for locations and take measurements.
And we do an inspection of a walk in cooler which had been installed in a Medjugorje pansion.
June 29th: Aida and Mary Anne have come from the American Embassy in Sarajevo to touch base with any of the American residents here and with any of the pilgrims who are interested.
Father Svet has made sure that the announcement of the meeting has been publicized.
Andrew is here with a group of 70 Chinese pilgrims again and he excitedly tells us of a spiritual miracle in his group that they have been praying for!Thank you, Blessed Mother.