2010 November

*Nov 1st: Father Bernie & Sally join Bob & Mary for a visit to ‘Mother Krispina’ (home for pregnant women in trouble).

All Soul’s Day, Nov. 2nd, Tuesday: back again to the 4 corners area to treat the fellows to their regular Tuesday lunch. 50 today.

Nov. 3rd: we show our favorite DVD on Medjugorje (My Sweet Angels) to a group from the States.


We get an ‘overflow’ crowd!

Nov. 5th: Julie & Alison (and parents) will be returning to Belgium soon, much too soon. It is a 24 hour trip in the family car.

Nov. 7th: We have been asked to light a candle and to offer prayers for an American father of three who has been rushed to the hospital in the States.

Nov. 8th: Joseph, Mary and I are going to have our annual checkups. We will carry in our recent blood tests for the doctor to look over and give each of us a grade.

The nurses are waiting!

We each get an EKG, Echo of the heart and Doper studies for the neck and eyes. The doctor studies our papers we have brought in.

Tuesday, Nov. 9: There are 59 men waiting for lunch. We are in a new location. You can see some of the waiting ‘clients’ through the window.

Wednesday and Mary has turned the scheduling and announcement jobs back to Father Kevin. Father returned from his trip to the States a few days back. Mary is off to Citluk to help some Medjugorje unit owners with obtaining their deeds, paying their property tax and getting their names on their electric bills.

Our really good friend, Mike, is back in Medjugorje again. Accompanying him is Tom, the new (to us) son-in-law.

Hajj, the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca this year runs between Nov. 14 and 18.

Mon. & Tue.; we are looking into the rules and regulations of how to get an imported American car (Joseph has one) to be registered in Bosnia i Hercegovina.

We are told different stories; two have said that we must go to the border and re-enter so as to get the proper documents stamped and the process started.

We head to Metkovic and, after a little shopping, we go back to the border. The ‘custom personnel” have never had this come up before and did not have a clue.

Mary gets as much information as possible including the phone number of a lady in Mostar who may be a good source of the information.>>>>>>

Upon our arrival home, Mary phones the lady and arranges for a meet the next morning. We need a 13 digit JIB number; we have that on our property tax records, maybe that is it?

Mary and Joseph head early on Tuesday to Mostar to meet with the lady. That is not it.

One has to have a 5 year residence permit in order to apply for the proper JIB number.

Locals offer to let us use their JIB and their name and then they will sign giving us the right to use the car. Many offer to help us.

We will try another route.

“when you come to a fork in the road, take it”; Yoga Berra

Bill & Rhianna are here in Medjugorje on their HONEYMOON; a wonderful couple, a happy couple! They are from the States.

Bajram Serif Mubarek Olsun (Happy Bajram)

“Today is the Muslim holiday of Bajram, which marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Participating Muslims must refrain from eating, drinking, smoking, and indulging in anything that is in excess or ill-natured; from dawn until sunset. Fasting is meant to teach Muslims patience, modesty and spirituality.”

Tuesday, Nov 16th: Bajram – the Muslim Holy Day. Only 6 for lunch today; the rest have gone back home for the holidays.

Jelka and Mario have brought two crates of cabbage; we give two heads to each in the line and then, later, pass some out to our neighbors.

We go to Konzum, the grocery store, and Jelka gets to pick out her own assortment of food stuffs. That saves us a taxi ride for delivery.

Mary tells me later that Jelka was just over whelmed; she is just not used to shopping like this.

Mary Walsh & Sister Muriel chat with Catherine and her son, Ben after Holy Mass in the Chapel. Catherine and Ben are here from New Zealand!

Oh, oh, we should have gotten names but we were glad to meet a great family of four from the Chicago area.

Adrienne and her father, Charles, visit Medjugorje along with Mom. Adrienne is stationed in Sarajevo and works at the American Embassy in the Economics Section. We have to get a list together of our wishes and wants before Christmas.

Ben & mother (Catherine) join us indoors on a rainy afternoon. We hope that Ben loves the new book by Father Mulligan.

Great smile, Ben!

Inspired by a homily from yesterday, Catherine & Ben climb Mt. Krizevac in the morning’s rainy weather. The two get separated coming back down and Catherine (shhh) gets lost! Remembering what Father has said about “finding your own cross” Catherine heads back to the mountain top (to her Cross) & is rescued!!!

A little wet, they make it back to do the readings!

Snjezana will guide them today!

Tuesday the 23rd: 52 for lunch so the fellows are back but few are working because of the continual rain. A big struggle for survival.

Here are two brothers: Skender in the middle. Enver is on the right & is the father of the girl who is eligible for Nursing School.

Joseph is playing St. Francis again today. We all shopped for food for ourselves, but Joseph bought food for the stray dog!

A small group get together for an American style Thanksgiving meal.

Gordon’s house in Hudovo is taking shape. All the kids are at home and are sick, so they just get to look through the window as we say “Hi”.

This is Marija’s house in the village of Domanovici. Big but houses here never seem to get finished. A valid reason here; the father and eldest son were killed in an auto accident so work stopped. The family was planning a garage repair shop business.

Next to the house the ‘grease pit’ had already been dug and, more or less, finished.

Hopes vanish.

The mechanics of the cistern! A good example. Here the water from the roof is collected in the rain gutters and emptied down the spout and over to the cistern.

We had been told that no village water has been piped through but now we see that has happened just around the corner!

Marija needs a dependable supply of water if she is to be able to use the small green house.


We have an appointment with Father Rajko in Stolac. We have Holy Masses for Father to celebrate for our friends and family intentions. We leave extra funds to help with the Christmas program. Father tells us about a special family who are having a hard time coping. Can we help?

We are going past the village of the special family so we stop, Mary calls and arranges a meet. We do an interview with Ivana. Her priority is housing. They are renting, but the owner is selling the house and wants them out with no place to go. She is due in May with the 3rd baby.

On our way to Early Mass this morning we are approached on the street by a fellow (probably in his 60s). He carries a cigar box, opens it and displays ground tobacco. Thought at first maybe it was marijuana.

But no; it is just home grown tobacco.

Tuesday the 30th: 49 for lunch; rain is continuous. Sad.