2010 May

*May 1, 2010, Saturday: so many Italians have arrived that their Italian Holy Mass is at the Altar in the outdoor rotunda!

Just a beautiful day to take a picture and light a candle.

May is Our “Gospa’s ” month.

May is also First Holy Communion month at St. James Parish.

May 3rd: The Trinity group pilgrims are here.

May is so beautiful and Fr. Garcia enjoys a smile with his group on his first trip to our little edge of heaven.

Still in the first week of May.

May 5th: Off to visit Gordon and family. Teo just had his First Holy Communion.

May 5th: We met Slavica with some of her children in front of their home.

May 12th: The English have arrived!



Joseph shepherds an eager group who want to learn more about Our Lady.

May 11; Tuesday: 40 men and women for lunch today.


5/13: Deidre & friends cheer us on.

May 15: Bob & Maureen

give us a pose.

A group of friends from England enjoy lunch at Sandra’s while listening to a talk from Bob & Mary.

Still listening??

We hope so.

May 17TH: Mary has been asked to assist around the church as Fr. Kevin gets ready for a 2 week pilgrimage.


Action in the ‘music box’!

Our own Father Kevin is taking a break; we get a new Father Kevin for a week or so!

Father Kevin is interacting with the group!



Father Kevin is such a nice, down to earth fellow ( and is the uncle of one of the owners in ‘our’ building).



Surmanci, still a part of Medjugorje Parish. A wonderful visit to recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

An unexpected collection had been taken at the get to gather at Sandra And Zenofy’s; it is decided to spend the 135 euros (!!!) for food to bring to the ‘Home for Unwed Mothers’, The Kay Center. This is under the umbrella of Mothers Village (Father Svet). Currently there are 10 mothers & 15 children. They arrive here from all over Bosnia and Croatia!


There are strawberries, bananas, cheese, salami, etc.; everyone has a package to deliver! 


We gather in the their chapel and we are ready to listen.

We meet with Deza, the lady in charge.

Presenting!! Ivana with son Luka and Ruza with son David.



And in the back of the home, a meditation garden (and play area) is being constructed; really neat!

We get a number of prints developed and pass them to the mothers while they attend the early morning Croatian Holy Mass.


Father Terry is here to finish off his sabbatical.

Oh, oh. Father Terry has fallen at the Pension and has broken his arm.

5/18, Tuesday: Zenofy & Sandra, Darek and his mother, Ella, are helping today to prepare the food for the day workers.

We slice salami and cheese.

And we wrap in aluminum foil.

Tom Lamey is here again!

Tom visits our home AND brings us gifts! Is that a pair of running shoes? Is that a pair of size 10 running shoes?

It is so! Yeah!

Father Fred McDonnell from Ireland is visiting Medjugorje and has some shoes to share.

Today we are making a visit to the Merciful Fathers section of Mothers Village.


Meet Bobbi from Macedonia. Bobbi has been at Merciful Fathers for almost 3 years and is one of the English speakers giving us a tour.

Merciful Fathers is part of Mothers Village and is looked after by Father Svet. There are around 36 fellows there, most of them are in recovery from an addiction problem.

Wonderful place to visit. Tours & speakers are available. The fellows can stay for up to 3 years; the program is prayer intensive and labor intensive.

Some of the fellows are really talented and their talents are displayed in one of the rooms. Donations are accepted for the articles of your choice.
One of the fathers interacts in the crafts room with his visiting son.

Each of the fellows is responsible for the scrubbing of his own clothes and linens!


More than enough work for each of the men.

In the greenhouse we are so surprised to see the strings hanging from the ceiling. So smart to have the veggies climb up away from the ground!

Joseph gives us a sample of his imitating gobbler calls. They all get so excited & come running.

The crucified Christ; a beautiful setting.

May 22, Saturday: the pre-movie crowd for another showing of My Sweet Angels on the ‘big screen’!

It is not a new DVD, only maybe new to us. It was produced to be sold only at the Franciscan store (15 euros).

However there is quite a thriving industry here in the village to ‘bootleg DVDs’ and this is being sold for 5 or 6 euros at quite a few places. Sad.

If you decide to favor the Franciscan Store then it can be found in the Hrvatska section.

The Franciscans have the exclusive rights to this DVD but it is really hard to enforce.

We have invited a couple of pilgrim groups to ‘our’ community room. Bench seating is available for 30 or so (I manage to get a chair!).

We have a digital projector, a laptop and a big screen. Joseph brought his DVD (My Sweet Angels). The DVD mainly concerned the first seven days of the Apparitions.

We even had a free drinks and cookies table!


It was a joy to meet up with the gentleman who transported a needed pair of shoes for one of ‘our fellows’!

It is good to greet and thank him after the movie.

5/24 A trip is made to one of Joseph’s special families. Joseph has been helping this family for two years or so and they are benefiting from the help in so many ways.

Three pilgrims come with Mary and Joseph today.

It takes only a short time to establish a bond between these two.


Kata wants to show the visitors how the chickens carry on a conversation with her….but then one of the chickens bit her!

Everyone is treated to an examination of the leg wound. One of the neighbors had had their land surveyed and metal stakes had been pounded in and wires attached!

Zvonkomir was running, fell over the wire and the stake embedded in him! Crutches, now a cane; no prescriptions filled yet because of a shortage of funds. Mary checks it out. Joseph comes through.

Another stop needs to be made at Janja, Teresa and Niki. Niki is slowing down & is no longer able to walk.

A Muslim friend carried him to his truck and they have just stopped by before resuming the journey.

We return at the end of the month to visit with Niki.

This fellow, Rasim, is one of our favorite guys. He is at our Tuesday lunch occasionally; is in demand for day work; but after hours he goes scrounging.

This day it is a dish antenna to take home and sell for scrap; this has been a two evening project to break it down to fit on the bike!

A delightful family is renting a unit in the building!

We are so blessed.

5/29: Confirmation time in the Village! Luka, son of Ivan (our friend and taxi driver) is in the line up.

Ana is also in the Confirmation line up. Ana is the daughter of Katica (our friend and neighbor).

And that means we get to go to TWO parties in the afternoon!

First to Ana’s and then to Luka’s.

We will be stuffed!

We made it through Party #1 and we are still able to stand!