2010 February

*Such a special day, the Presentation of the Lord, for us here in Medjugorje. Blessings of the candles, Father Norbert and Woof, two of our favorite pilgrims have arrived.

Feb. 2, Tuesday: 31 for lunch today. We were able to add a pair of socks for each bag along with underwear for some. The ladies were also treated to socks and underwear along with some blouses.

AND…Mary hard boiled 44 eggs and we passed those out to eager hands!

Feb. 3: Dubrovnik celebrates the 1,038th Feast of St. Blaise.
The traditional 1,038th Feast of St. Blaise ceremonially began in Dubrovnik.
The secular and religious celebration of Dubrovnik’s patron saint is a day on which the doors of the city are thrown wide open in honor of St. Blaise and the Day of the City of Dubrovnik.

But we celebrated with Ron and Marie at the Villa Rustica; it was fun.

Feb. 4th: Mary is off with Sister Muriel; this lady is one of St. Joseph the Worker recipients. Kiernan is here for a few weeks & is helping deliver food.

This lady would like very much for him to stay and plant her potatoes.



Sister, should I have planted the potatoes?

Feb. 6: Oh, oh. Mary’s birthday! A group of us sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her after church and Father Norbert gave her a special blessing. Mary and I do not exchange presents but I usually get in trouble when I don’t. Friends gave flowers (beautiful); Local children called and sang an English ‘Happy Birthday’ (beautiful). We are doing a special 9 day Novena for the health of a special pilgrim. Mary went out in the afternoon with St. Joseph the Worker to check on a couple of women with problems. Bob went to Mostar with Janet and Luka.

Feb. 7 Sunday: Father Kevin’s homily today was on the 65th anniversary of the Franciscan martyrs in Siroki Brijeg. They were killed by the Communists. Religious and laity all over this area were killed or imprisoned by the Communists to discourage their faith.

Here Kiernan is interacting with a sweet Muslim lady. The lady is a refugee who was accepted into the neighborhood. Her Catholic neighbors have built her a home. It does not have electric or water but she is so grateful.

Anagrams, crossword puzzles? A use was finally found for them.

Feb. 9: Father Kevin, Father Norbert and Woof at the lectern.

Greg gets drafted for altar serving at the Chapel Holy Mass.

Woof and Father Norbert are leaving today; going back to New York and New Jersey. We pray for their safe trip and we know they will travel to the airport with friends. I need to recheck it and make sure I did not say ‘We pay for’; Woof would call me on that.

Here we show Woof & Father with Ivan and Nicholas (Charlie’s store).

Tuesday: Ivan, Mary and Annette are on the production line.

Bob gets his pic taken with some of the guys . Mary abandons her post at the meat packing and runs out to get center coverage.

I will bet the fellows are hoping to get an extra can of tuna for hanging in there.

Feb. 9th: A good crowd today at lunch, 41, I think. Bob and Annette helped pack and then helped cut cheese chunks and then helped make the sandwiches and pass everything out!

A couple of the fellows are in need of a prescription drugs. We are sometimes able to help because of fellow pilgrims making contributions.

Feb 10: guess what we get to eat on Valentine’s Day? and they don’t want to be called ‘shrimp’; they are too big for that! Thanks, one of our dear friends for finding and bringing such an awesome treat!

A picture is taken of Bob and Annette, Deseree and Mary. Everyone smiled when they were supposed to!

Deseree and Eric will be on their way back to Australia soon, too soon.

Mary visits Sister Olga. Sister will be going to Germany for an operation in March.

This is such a great honor for two well deserving humanitarians!

Feb. 13: Mary is off with St. Joseph the Worker to interview a 95 year old applicant for the retirement home. Someone has sent in a nominating letter for Sister Muriel to be Ljubuski “PERSON OF THE YEAR”!!!!

The voting took place last evening and Sister has WON!!!

The award ceremony is to take place this coming Tuesday (Feb.16th) and we are so very excited!

Sister thinks it should have gone to someone else.


A big medal. I will bet that is a gold one!

Sister Muriel and the Mayor of Lljubuski.

Feb. 16th: 42 for lunch this day. A special day. Jelka sells us 100 eggs; Mary hard boiled them and each person got at least two.

Today the fellow we are helping with the dental work reports that the end is in sight. Today also, a brother of the fellow whose daughter is eager to sign up for Nursing School was asked but did not have any news. We have a contact in Zenica pursuing more information.



The day before Lent begins. This is the day the kids dress up and add masks and wigs. Groups go from house to house just like our Halloween.

We gave out bon-bons and coins and frightened looks.

Can you pick the scariest one?

Can you pick the one with the best paint job?

Three of our favorite ‘neighborhood girls”! This is their “hood”.

St. James church has positioned the large Crucifix at the front of the altar.Ashes were given out during all the Holy Masses.

Our Blessed Mother looks so beautiful!

Father Jakov, Father Kevin enjoy the Readings today, Ash Wednesday, by Matthew Proctor.

A beautiful job, Matthew.

Father Kevin started Holy Mass today (Ash Wednesday) asking us not to concentrate on the wooden Cross behind him but let our gaze be on the Crucifix on the altar.

At the Homily Father said he has just realized the aim and intention of the artist who placed the wooden Cross so as to hold the Tabernacle which contains the Body of Jesus!

What a beautiful image. I have often sat and wondered why there was not a image of Jesus on that Cross.

Thanks, Father Kevin.

James and Ron at the Chapel after English Holy Mass. We are told that James has been here many times earlier and usually stays at Ivan’s (visionary).

Playing Jesus Christ in ‘Passion of The Christ’:

Before playing Jesus Christ, Caviezel spent months learning Aramaic and getting his body ready for the physical demands of the role. During the shoot, Caviezel sat through 10 hour make-up sessions and endured freezing temperatures while shooting scenes in which he was on the cross. Caviezel was even struck by lightning while filming (he walked away uninjured) and had his shoulder dislocated when working on a sequence at Cinecitta.


It has been such a rainy season here but today Father was talking about the warmer weather and how Spring might be breaking through.

We believed it after we saw the big smiles on the faces of a group of Irish & American pilgrims!

Feb. 19th:

Mary is off with Sister Muriel today.

The home looks as though it could be on a picture postcard. Living there year round would give one a different outlook.

Another of St. Joseph the Worker’s ladies.


Perhaps this tree could be auctioned off on Ebay?

One of the deliveries today went to a mother and her not so well son. The lady gets 72 KM a month to take care of both of them (they just this week received the check for last October!).

We miss being able to find and buy BLEACH. It seemed so common and so easy to find in the States. Here it is so needed to help control the mold that one finds everywhere, especially in the cinder block houses. The bleach that one can buy here is so ineffective.

Feb. 22:

‘Old faces and ‘New faces at Holy Mass today. The prize for the couple who traveled the furthest? That is the couple to the left of Bob; they live in Mainland China!!


I can’t see that well, but I recognize you by your voice.

This lady is on a limited income & can not afford to buy food & medicine let alone try to get rid of the mold on her walls.

We give thanks for St. Joseph the Worker for helping for so many years for so many of these ladies in despair.


No, no, Mik. Please don’t jump. Only 7 more stops this day and then we will go home!

Feb. 23: Tuesday and we have 37 for lunch. Mary has boiled eggs again and again and they are a big hit. Some ask us for pain rubbing salve and for aspirin and anything a little stronger.

Mik just keeps smiling and brings out the smiles in others.


Feb. 24th: Just had to share this as it is not that often that we see a smile in this household.

Janja was charming & smiling in the hope of relieving Mary of Mary’s coat.

Father Garcia (from the States but originally from Guatemala) is here with a group of pilgrims.

Father Garcia and ‘group’; we did not see enough of them.

Father Thomas, Father Garcia and Father Augustine. Father Thomas & Father Augustine are Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, an order founded by Father Groeschel of the States in Bradford, England.
Father Augustine told the congregation of his “turning point in life”. It happened here in Medjugorje on one of his visits. He made the decision to be a Priest!! Shortly he convinced his brother to come; that brother became a Priest. He convinced another brother to come; that brother is now a permanent Deacon!


Our Sacristy Nun, Sister Angela mingles a bit..Beautiful smiles in beautiful Medjugorje just touch our hearts.

The group is here with 2 Priests, 3 Brothers, 2 Nuns & 2 tour guides. All help with a group of homeless men and women, all hopefully searching for guidance from our Blessed Mother.

Leon in England works in the construction business. Leon has funded the group to pilgrimage to Medjugorje!

Winfred is part of the pilgrim group and is doing the readings today. We are blessed.

We catch up with two of the Nuns; Sisters Mary Pieta (CFR) and Catherine Mary (CFR). They have just come from a journey up and down one of the two hills here. A little mud and rain never hurt anyone?


Peace, love and happiness all wrapped up in Medjugorje.

Fathers Augustine and Thomas celebrating Holy Mass at the St. James Church.


And Sister kept us hopping and singing both in the church and in the chapel. Thank you Sister.

Joseph, Mary and I had a nice chat with one of the Brothers.