2010 April

*April 4: Well, we do not start out on a happy note; Mary is given the task of breadwinner (actually egg winner). The custom is to hit on one egg with the other; whose ever egg is broken loses that egg.

We will be having cereal this week.

April 4: Here are a couple more ‘good eggs’; Steve Shaul and Matthew Proctor! Spring is here and we are so glad to renew acquaintances.

April 4: Anthony and Christine; met at Nancy and Patrick’s; married; he is Irish (aren’t we all) and she is a Manhattanite (NYC); currently living and working in the area.

April 4: Mary and Father Steven; we continually find new friends.

April 10: Glenn Davis is visiting Medjugorje again. We missed Glenn; Janet missed Glenn, Janja, Teresa & Niki missed Glenn. Glenn does such marvelous deeds in helping the poor.

April 10: Oh, oh. We spot action around the school from our balcony. It turns out to be a new parking area for the many school workers. Badly needed in order to clear up congestion in the street at the front of the school.

April 10: We travel with Joseph to one of his long time favorite families. We poke around and we bother the poultry. They cackle and screech and threaten (they may be thinking we are looking for a dinner).

April 10: Look what we find!! This area is not so primitive. A guy could hibernate in this wine room all winter long!

April 10: Well, Joseph is back in the pig market! He has bought a pig for a poor family and that fellow has gotten transportation to bring him and to take the piggy home.

April 10: The fellow has 8 children, lives in the Stolac area, recommended to Joseph by Father Rajko. Joseph has been helping this family for many months.

April 12: Oh oh. We get a bump in our path! One of the priests has come to our place for a chat. Father Petar has received a couple of letters recently; one criticizing Father Kevin for his readings from the Catholic Book of Liturgy; the other criticizing Mary and Bob (and Father Kevin and Father Svet) Quite scandalous and we can already feel the heat!

We will want to hand in documents.

April 12: Lucija has the physical therapy clinic in Citluk, excellent therapist (and niece of the late Father Slavko).
April 12: Mary & Sister Olga. Sister Olga returned to Germany for an operation. We are so glad to see her back home in Medjugorje.

Tuesday April 13: Rainy weather; 88 for lunch today. Mary rejoined us for the first time in a month and, boy, are we glad she is back! Joseph helped today.

April 15: Thurs: It’s the International Expo time at Mostar !

We met some of this group here last year. Their Franciscan priest leader here is building a new church and this is a fund raising project. We help a little.

April 15: It usually takes us around 6 hours to see everything at the Expo.

We take a break. The beer is cold and really good; the sandwich requires a strong jaw. We manage.

April 15: Mary poses in maybe a before and after picture? But it is not Croatian or Herzegovinian; it is a Serbian exhibit. Serbia is really advancing.
April 15: Another poster image; another before and after pose!
April 15: Finally! We are in the free food, free drink building. The music is loud, the musicians are getting louder, the wine is flowing.
April 15: Some of the displays are really beautiful and full of handicrafts and goodies.

April: Here is a member of one of our favorite families! Ana has a new Easter outfit and is looking so sharp!

Way to go Ana!

Monday: 4/19. We meet with a new friend, Fiona. Fiona is here for a bit from Malaysia. Mary & Fiona immediately start to work on sharing new recipes!

I am smiling in anticipation.


Monday: More on the oh, oh. We turn over documentation (along with a wedding picture) to Father Petar on our wedding ceremony that we received from the celebrant, Father Joe in Florida.

This winter Mary brought home a typed paper that a lady pilgrim passes out. A couple of months later, the lady offered Bob her current written opinions. Bob refused when he saw the name and told the lady that he thought the last one addressed to my wife “highly inappropriate and that it read like a personal attack”. The lady replied that “well, the visionaries accept the sheets from me”.

The letter complaining about the priest originated from this lady (another priest tells us that he too, is complained about from the same lady). We are in good company. Our complaint letter came from a different lady but we have learned; the two are friends.

Incidentally we agree to go on a diet & to only take pictures sitting down or behind a table (preferably with food on it).


The letter to the pastor referred to a lady in South Carolina as their ‘source for some of the information”. We phone as we found that hard to believe. The couple in South Carolina deny any connection with the contents and says it “sounds evil and wicked”.

We do believe her.

Tuesday April 20: Kind of mild weather but still 70 showed for lunch today. Very little work now and the fellows were commenting “we are sick and we are hungry”.
Wednesday: off to Metkovic with Fiona, Joseph, Mary and myself. We are going to do eating and shopping.

April Saturday the 24th. We arrive at church following a line of motor cyclists. They line up and receive blessings (and probably admiring glances) from the Franciscan Fathers. We find that ‘BC’ can refer to Bikers Club!
We have some extra medical supplies and we are looking for a good home. We had given a little sample to Jane and are now giving the balance. Jane has a humanitarian association (St. Luke’s Home Care) here dealing with home visits to the poor by trained nurses. It is filling such a great need.

And a thank you, Jane, for the loan of the crutches to Mary.

Deanna is going home for a while.

A group of us get together to lament over Deanna’s leaving us and returning to Canada. Deanna splits her time between here and Canada.

Christine and Anthony also join us. One of Christine’s missions here is to search for and obtain the Mexican wraps for Mary. We really enjoy those. Thank you Christine.

There are three satellite dishes on the roof of our “condo building”. We could never figure how anyone could get to them. “Nema problema.” Just put a ladder on the top balcony and walk up. We worried as the two men walked around.

Tuesday, April 27: Days may be looking brighter for our fellows (and ladies) at the intersection. Down to 40 today. We talk with one of the fellows, however, who has worked one day in the 5 weeks he has been here. He cannot get enough work to get back home. Sad.