*Fri., May 1, 2009:
A Holy day here in Medjugorje! This day is devoted to St. Joseph the
Worker! This is also the name used by our favorite humanitarian charity

A special
day so we have gone to Mostar and bought special dried sausages for our
lunch bags today. We add other foodstuff and then put together a bag
containing underwear or socks or caps or t-shirts!!
We put together a bag of clothes for one fellow to take home to his family;
we have 7 pairs of shoes to pass out and a bag of clothes for one of the
women who receives our lunches.

36 guests today;
many fellows have gone home for this long weekend.


Mary Walsh and Sister
Muriel, both of St. Joseph the Worker, have crossed paths today!! They each
drive their own van and it is so unusual to see them both on a working day!

A great month in Medjugorje! The
month of May is devoted to the Blessed Mother.


St. James altar has been prepared for the First Holy Communicants.


May 3rd: Andreja (a son of our driver, Ivan) is the 2nd boy from the
left. Sister has told everyone that they must be very very very careful
that they do not drop the Host. All the class is worried. Andreja is
wringing his hands and “will be so glad when this day is over, I am a
nervous wreck”. He made it through
and we are very proud of him.

Tata (dad) has given Andreja a serious talk about
how times are tough and perhaps only the immediate family should celebrate
his first Holy Communion.
Andreja answers: “but Tata, you did it for the other 6 kids, why not for

So the
tables are set up and Andreja gets on the phone and invites everyone he can
think of.


May 4: Mary travels with Janet and John Masters (pilgrim photographer) to
the Ljubuski social centre and to take some notes on one of Janet’s
families. Saturday, June 6th,
2009 is the 8th year anniversary of Janet coming to Medjugorje for, maybe, 6

They pause at a
Ljubuski gas station and run into our friend Jozo who lives in this area.

Janet and helpers stop at another family to assess how that family is doing:
The baby is only 2 months old and is already learning how to ride a goat!Where, under
accomplishments, should that be listed?

May 6th and our
neighbor, Leon, is finally here after three years! We talk and talk into
the night!
and the very next day,
Tom Dooling, has brought us a pair of size 13 (Europe 47) black dress shoes
for Kristian’s Confirmation next month! How blessed we are to have such

Joseph the Worker has 4 helpers today!


St. Joseph the Worker clients do not have much, but what they do have they
want to share it from the heart.

7th: Mary is out with Mary Walsh of St. Joseph the Worker along with Larry
who is helping bring food to the elderly.


This lady is trying to decide if Larry or Mary should stay behind and keep
her company!

Mary is getting showered with all kinds of flowers.


May 7: Bob meets (at Columbos naturally) with
Steve and Anne and Alen and Janet. Steve and Anne are celebrating their
wedding by driving a truck load of supplies from England.

They got
involved here in Bosnia & Herzegovina after the bus accident 2 years ago.
Hara and Ellie worked with them in order to train locals to perform water
rescue. We pass on an envelope.

Alen is
head of the Red Cross in Mostar and we have long heard good things about

A big red truck and it gets to stay in Mostar for the Water Rescue Teams!


9th: Two of our favorite pilgrims are here; Mike and daughter Stephanie.

10th: Lucy is here from the States and is working on a new project for
Mother’s Village.


really enjoyed meeting Steve and Susie McEveety from California. They
celebrated their 30 years of marriage by coming here to Medjugorje and being
blessed at the Holy Mass.


Well, we go to Ivan and Marina for a short visit. Stephanie, a professional
photographer, will be taking pics of the family.

Ivan, our driver,
wants to be “immortalized” with a hoe in his hands weeding the garden.
Everyone scrambles to take that picture because Croatian guys (including
Ivan) do not “work gardens”. It was only a 30 second opportunity.