2008 March

March 3: Eric and Anita (his mom) brought a large group of pilgrims. Thanks, Eric, for helping out and for doing the readings.

Anita Overkamp tells us that they will be back in August!


Nancy (in the middle) and the two pilgrims are all smiles.

Raymond and Maureen visit us from France. Originally from England, they have been coming here for many years bringing pilgrims and humanitarian aid.

OK, we have to go down there, cross the bridge and up and over the next mountain! The Neretva River is beautiful.

We made it and they are waiting for us! We make our deliveries, tour the grounds and say our “videmo se”

( see you later)

Back at our place: An Easter custom here is to hit your hard boiled egg against the other person’s hard boiled egg. Who ever comes through with their egg unscathed gets the other person’s egg!

Mary took 5 eggs away from the little kids!

Jerome is doing a great job as the St, James Church Music Leader. A young man offering his time and talent. Thank you!

He will be here for 6 mos. from Pitts. PA, USA and we welcome his help.

We visit one of our favorite families. Eight children in all and 2 sets of twins for this single mom.

One of our favorite kids in one of our favorite families.

Ann Enright has graciously sent us some pictures taken at a recent Magnificat Breakfast (local Catholic women’s group). “Many of us bus crash ladies attended because Fr. Rick Wendell and Andy Meier were speaking of their conversions and redemptive suffering. Elizabeth Meier led a decade of the rosary. It was very inspiring. I am the one in the front row with the blue sweater and white vest.”
This year we are sponsoring Ana and her twin handicap brother to go on a school trip with their class mates. We have been Blessed with donations for one of the 2 kids for this once in a life time to be just like all the other kids. We got some clothing for them, a used suitcase and some “mad” money which we will drop off on Tue.

“Before the breakfast, Andy and Fr. Rick talked about the accident. Andy doesn’t remember being rescued and Fr. told him how he flew through the bus and how his body pulled Fr.’s arm out the window with him. “

Eliza_&_Andy_Meier_&_Fr._Rick__March_2008[1].jpg“This picture is of Andy walking down two steps with Elizabeth’s and Fr.’s help. He has no feeling in his legs yet he has the muscle control to walk with a walker and/or canes. It’s a miracle, thanks to Jesus and Our Lady. It seems like yesterday this all happened and yet it seem like a lifetime ago. We get together often and all of us have increased our prayer life and mission work tremendously. We are trying to do what Our Lady is asking of us.”

The Mostar OSCE Roma Gypsy project which we became involved in almost 2 years ago is starting to bear fruit. It will have 9 buildings which will house 18 families. We hear and see that the plans have now been drawn and that a ‘non government organization (NGO)’ out of Austria is considering the completion of the project.

Update: May 26, 2008: we hear that a charity out of Spain is now getting involved and construction may start soon!

Each apartment will have two floors. We do note that the homes will not be that large but I will bet that the average size of the families will probably be 6 to 8 people.

March 26, 2008: looks like we will be closing out March with a hail storm! This is part of Mary’s balcony garden.

Bus Accident Memories.

Bob, Joyce, Jim, Father Peter, Father Mike and Mary.

What a delight to have Jim return, what a surprise for Mary to see him so tall (she had only seen him in the wheelchair).

Father Mike celebrates our Holy Mass.

Cynthia with her 2 sons ( Thanks for the shoes guys! ) in this picture on the left and a picture below of Cynthia’s husband, Robert, manning the camera. They were kind enough to bring a large suitcase full of medical supplies and children’s socks sent by Ann Enright.

We were happy to see the toothbrushes and paste and know exactly the families who will get those; the same with the socks and underwear; we had just recently been told about an older local fellow who is having a severe bout with leg ulcers. The ointment and some of the bandages will be just what is needed for him. Ointment and Band-aids are going also to families with 14 children.

We had homes for 80% of the goods by 11:00 the next morning (some has already been delivered).
We thank you and all who assisted in this marvelous gift and all who had good intentions to assist. We will offer up our prayers and will have a special Holy Mass said by “our charity of the year”, Father Rajko in Stolac. This village is about 55 minutes from Medjugorje and was picked by the Franciscans here to receive the food bags and wine donated by the Medjugorje Parish last Christmas. There is so much more need in Stolac than here in this village. We feel so blessed to be part of both communities.