2008 April

April 2, 2008: A fun day in the big city (in case you were thinking that all we do is pray and go to church). Mostar, about 40 minutes from Medjugorje, has an Industrial Trade Fair each year and we love it; free food, free drinks, free desserts, free entertainment, free samples; and big shopping bags to carry all of our loot home! We spend most of the day there!

Free admission, free parking for our driver (” I am a wounded war veteran”).

I never know whether Mary is watching me!

I will just tell Mary that I am looking for wives for two of our sons.

Early Bosnian architecture. Ivan, our driver, tells us that his parents were raised in a similar structure and he wants to restore their building.

the other side of the structure.

Are they talking about winning the war or about losing the war? It is, no doubt, just beautiful “social networking”.
Periodically they burst into song. Splendid!

Weave me a cloth or slice up my tobacco leaf! Free instructions here.

Early, early gravestones. We finally realize that the body was placed underneath.

We guys are acting pretty smug and important. We got our act right down pat.

Ok, it is April 3rd and we taxi to Vitina to see Mario (his black puppy) and family. Joseph has joined us.

April 5: from New Orleans!

We are so glad to see

Fr. Thomas Paul,


Fr. Joseph E. Cazenavette

Thanks for bringing us a touch of home, greatly appreciated.


April 6: One of our favorite local families. A Croatian family, they migrated to the States for years, returned almost 3 years ago and built a house in a nearby village. We are so grateful to know them and to have them as one of our prime resources.

I guess we are the official U.S. Income Tax return preparers for Bosnia i Hercegovina, an “important position” and especially this year because we are to get a Stimulus Payment (but have to file for it)

Father Svet has asked us to help a local lady who lived and worked in the States for years and is now here. One of our Priests also needed assistance and we helped there etc.

April 10: Janet is taking us to Stolac to see Father Rajko (and a local family or two). We see that Father has added another bird to his collection.

Margaret, Teresa & Janet in Stolac.

April 13: we just had to take some pictures of the pilgrims in their national costumes as they exited St. James Church!

We go to the “posta” to pay our utility bills and then we (Bob) decides to utilize the Hypo ATM even though we have heard “bad things” about the unit. Father Kevin had lost his ATM card in it. We try and Bob loses his card. It ends up that we have to taxi to Citluk the next day to retrieve it before they send the card on to their Mostar office. We get a lecture rather than an apology “Don’t you know you have to pull your card out immediately before you proceed with the rest of your transaction?”

April 18: we travel to Ljubina to visit with the Croatian-Orthodox couple, their son and daughter. We leave some things, some food and some funds. Mother and son are home and they insist on taking us to their plot of land where they dream of having a home one day.

It is a poor spot & we visit with a builder friend of the son’s; we see some of the builder’s work and are very un-impressed. The son tells his mama to shush; he will “handle this” and proceeds to tell us he wants a 2 story house with larger dimensions (and double the price) than the parents had thought of. His co-worker lives across the street and so the new house probably needs to be bigger and better. We are discouraged here.