2006 October

Saturday Oct 7,2006: The BIG day! A pilgrim group arrives and it includes so many friends from Florida and NEW friends from some of the northern states. Father Bernie, our Naples, Florida pastor who introduced us to Medjugorje is among the group.

The group is staying at Hotel Ruza (5 minute walk from the church to our place and then another 5 minutes) and we walk over for the breakfast meet. We see so many happy faces! Natasha (from Split) is to be the local tour guide.


Kimberley received the trip as a birthday present from her husband! #70012sm
Phyllis, Don & Sandra
Sandra & Ryan
Alicia & Marietta
Mary Stegman
And now we walk to 10:00 am English Holy Mass. Then we meet at the rear of the church & proceed to the Stations of the Cross. We use our prayer books and respond to Father Bernie
Natasha is with us
Dolores & Peter
George & Lorraine
Joyce & Barbara
Sunday: English Holy Mass at noon today; Mary and I make it to the church and INSIDE! Kind of sad because this was the Holy Mass at which Father Bernie was to celebrate but he was “bumped” by Arch Bishop Flynn from the Minneapolis St. Paul area. Our Deacon does assist at the Holy Mass and Father Bernie is one of the con-celebrants. Mary takes a couple of pictures.Here’s Don & Pat DeMaio
Sherron and Barbara welcome a sit down meal.
Mary Ryan & Maricia have a lot of talk talk to catch up on. They have been emailing but nothing beats just hanging out together.
Monika & Lisa
Patricia & Donald
Sandra, Jean & Patricia
Donald & Sandra
Dolores & Peter
Kathleen & Margaret
Ryan & Sandra
Rita & Patricia
Dorothy & Sally
#80012SMGeorge & Lorraine
Father Bernie
Joyce Gilkie & Joyce Lee
Richard & Barbara
Noemi & Carlos
Richard & Barbara
Frank & Margaret
Beatriz (Betsy) & Marina061008
Joan Marie & Alicia
NOTE 1: The Ryans apologize for not getting a picture of EVERY ONE in the group; I realize now that we missed some of you.
NOTE 2: To the Pilgrim lady who suggested that I look into the “JESUS MOVIES” & the “CAMPUS etc”. I did & it seems to be non-denominational productions. It looks as though many religions in the evangelical group are using them. It would be kind of like us using the King James Bible because of the elaborate leather covers so I would beg off.
Mary & Bob sang the Croatian hymn “Mary, Queen of Peace” to the group on the bus as they were preparing to depart. That is the first time we did anything like that; we just wanted to share our emotions. We felt so close and have already prayed the Chaplet for your safe trip.

The group was invited on a side trip by the Hotel Ruza owner and got a beautiful surprise when Vicka, a visionary, met them.
They came home with a paper which some of the group interpreted as an address of the orphanage home. I understand that it has a “SWIFT” number on it so it may really be banking wiring instructions (to wire money).


Bob & Mary thank you again for the donations, in cash, in goods you brought from the States and in clothing and shoes that you left behind. It seems that every time we are blessed with acts like that, the Holy Mother presents us with another problem to help with. We were asked today whether we could help a family with 13 children ( the 14th died in the last two weeks) & they are having a rough go right now. We packed up a bag with children’s clothes and another bag of shoes (did not have to worry about sizes) and a bag of food (including your peanut butter & toothpaste) & had it delivered today. We will follow up with them.


We are bagging up clothes for the Beljo family & for the Vasilj family. We also contacted the Jerkovič couple who run the Pension that takes in the Priests and Nuns who cannot afford to pay while they are visiting here. They are hosting two Ukrainian Nuns as well as two Ukrainian Priests along with their groups from the Ukraine. We hurriedly packed up 3 suitcases and a box of clothes, shoes and toiletries and taxied them to the Pension Saturday morning.
——-> recognize your suitcase?

the Jerkovičs’


Father Anatolly Teslya, a Priest from the Ukraine
and one of the Ukrainian Nuns. There were about 25 in the group. Father really needed the items. Sister told us that they had just received a donation from Canada & had not yet disbursed that. Besides they were a secluded community so she decided that Father should have whatever is in the bags and boxes for his parish.0610120008SM_small.jpg
The Priest gave us his card showing his English name as Anatolly Teslya. He remarked “electricity, electricity” & said that his relative is the Croat Tesla who developed the electric coil.We also heard that a Ukrainian Priest was also supposed to be in the Medjugorje house this week but delayed because of car trouble. Now he feels that his car might not make it. We have his email address and will contact him to see if we can bring him in by bus.
Tonight we received a donation from a unit owner in our building. The couple stayed for a month but now have to return to England. We shall buy meat & milk & flour for the family with the 13 children.Friday 10/13: this afternoon we received a call from Martina at the Mini Mkt. Some of the fellows have not worked for two or three days and are begging for bread. We went & fed them again this week; 34 guys. And someone ripped off Martina’s mobile phone so she is devastated.
2005 Year of the snowfall We scanned and printed out one of our favorite Medjugorje pictures. Can you see why? We are passing this snapshot out to each of our friends in this group. —>


Statue of the Risen Christ.
Created of bronze and copper this statue has become another beautiful symbol of Medjugorje. It is the work of Andrej Ajdič, Slovenian sculptor and was erected at Easter 1998. The immediate area was finished off for Easter 2002. Many pilgrims stand in line to collect a water drop that oozes from the right thigh of Jesus.
Maricia sang 2 beautiful Haitian songs in praise of Jesus last night at the Risen Christ Statue. The crowd went silent.